Left Over Jack started as a garage project between two neighbors – Dorian & Jim – back in 2011.  We tried to get together and play/record once a week for fun – not always easy with young kids and busy jobs.   As time progressed we developed as a duo and our music started to sound better & get good reviews..   In 2014 we named ourselves ‘Left Over Jack’ and decided to seriously attempt to put out an E.P.  Since then another good friend and musician – Kyle – joined the band.   We strive to continue to make music and prove that the creative process can continue even with kids and careers.

Currently based in Savannah, GA USA.




Dorian – Bio:

“A man of few words and excellent rib cooking skills”

Dorian was born in Atlanta and now lives in Savannah, GA.  From early musical forays into the world of Violin, he finally arrived on Lead Guitar in his teens.  Dorian’s influences include Journey, The Travelling Wilburys & Rush.  When he is not slicing up the power chords he also enjoys cooking ribs – which we all enjoy eating.




Jim – Bio:

“Born in the UK, I moved to the US in 1998.  Music has always been a part of my life with keyboards & violin as a young child – I picked up the guitar from my old brother when I was 11.  I also was an early adopter of electronic music using a sequencer on a Commodore Amiga to create midi tracks.    Over the years I have played in various bands, been a DJ, written & produced.  My influences include:  Dire Straits, Depeche Mode, The Cure & a vast array of EDM.  I have always played when-ever and where-ever I can.  Sometimes for fun.  Sometimes for beer.”


Kyle Bass


Kyle – Bio:

“I have been writing poems and music as early as I can remember. Picked up guitar about 20 years ago and started recording soon after. Slowly migrated from Macon to Statesboro before finding my awesome family and home in the great city of Savannah. my influences include:  The Beatles, Nirvana, Blind Melon, 311. Outkast, Beastie Boys, Wilco & Beck.  I also love bacon, but my doctor says cut back……..”