Making of: 70’s Ghostly

A behind the scenes look at recording 70’s Ghostly.

The core of the track was recorded one weekend at Kyle’s house.  The Friday night was not so productive as the Saturday AM but hey – that’s how it goes sometimes…  We set up a temporary recording studio  for 24 hours.  Here we see a rather dashing Kyle modeling the space for us 🙂

Kyle Jim-KylesHouse

This core idea track was refined in Jim’s studio over the following weeks with Dorian laying down additional guitar tracks, a bass track was added as well some vocal reworks & harmonies.  Kyle sent in a couple more guitar parts recorded offline in his studio which were sync’d and added to the master track.

2015-09-22 17.53.32

The mix was then put through a final mixing stage in the “mix room”.  This room is a little more balanced and treated, hopefully producing a better overall sound.

Mix Room - 3 Monitors

The result is 70’s Ghostly.  Hope you enjoy!

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