Windows 10: ProTools 11 & Eleven Rack Stand Alone

So far I have updated the mix room PC to Windows 10 only to have a complete failure of ProTools 11. Rolled back to Windows 7. My laptop – updated to Windows 10 & ProTools 11 works off the bat. I get all excited only to then find out that the stand alone Eleven Rack Editor crashes on load. Tried to uninstall/reinstall/compatibility – no luck. Rolled back to Windows 7.

I guess I’ll wait on Avid’s official support and stick with 7 for now. Shame as Windows 10 is pretty slick and felt a good bit faster than 7/8 on the same hardware. The multi-monitor support was awesome.

Here’s a link to the official thread on Windows 10 support from Avid:

Ping us on Twitter/Facebook if you have had any luck getting the Eleven Rack Editor (standalone) to work on Windows 10 – would be great to hear how you did it to?

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